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Syreeta Kumar

An Actor.

What shows or projects have you done with ETT? 


Finish the sentence: Touring is important because… 

You can reach a wider audience and make it all round a richer experience 

Where is home for you? 


Where is your home away from home? 


How did you bring home with you on tour? 

In my heart 

Which city was your favourite to visit on tour with ETT? 


What gem did you discover on tour with ETT (could be a landmark/park/cafe/pub etc)? 

The Crafty Egg cafe Bristol… baked eggs mmm 

What are your touring essentials?   

Eyeliner and toothbrush  

What’s your go-to recipe whilst on tour? 

Hummus and flatbread and satsumas 

Which artist(s) do you most admire and why? 

Any actor over 50 who continues to tour! 

What music inspires you? 


What image or video inspires you? 

Ted talks 

What piece of writing or quote inspires you? 


What, for you, makes a good piece of art? 

Anything that makes me think 

What have been your career highlights so far? 

Playing the great Sampat Pal in Pink Sari Revolution 

If you were cast away on a desert island, which 5 plays would you take with you and why? 

I would take all 5 by Rabindranath Tagore- as to this day I have not read one and being of Indian origin myself  I keep meaning too! 

Please can you tell us what you would say to emerging artists to encourage them to take their work on the road or join an ETT tour? 

Taking your work to wider audiences is very enriching. The further afield the better – rural touring is fab. ETT is an amazing company. I have been working for 30 years and starting my career in touring devised theatre. You know you are in good hands with a company like ETT, they really look after you and have an interest in the work they support and their audience which is always key. 

Window or aisle seat? 


Favourite way to travel? 


If you could have any superpower, which would you choose? 

To blow out these bush fires