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Tonderai Munyevu

What shows or projects have you done with ETT?

Mugabe, My Dad and Me

Finish the sentence: Touring is important because…

Everyone deserves quality theatre.

Where is home for you?

London, the capitol of the world.

Where is your home away from home?

Cafe Boheme, Soho

How did you bring home with you on tour?


What gem did you discover on tour with ETT (could be a landmark/park/cafe/pub etc)?

How comfortable trains can be.

What are your touring essentials?

My Kindle

What’s your go-to recipe whilst on tour?

One pot chicken stew.

Everyone deserves quality theatre

"Tell the truth", in writing and in life

Which artist(s) do you most admire and why?

Peter Brook, for changing the world by doing his own thing.

What music inspires you?

Mbira music

What image or video inspires you?

Anything Kate Bush does

What piece of writing or quote inspires you?

“Tell the truth”, in writing and in life.

What, for you, makes a good piece of art?


What have been your career highlights so far?

Two Gentlemen of Verona/Vakomana Vaviri Ve Zimbabwe at the Globe in 2012.

If you were cast away on a desert island, which 5 plays would you take with you and why?

Death and the King’s Horse, Siswe Banzi Is Dead, Hamlet, Glewice Hamlet, Mugabe My Dad and Me (I may end up rewriting it to keep me busy).

Please can you tell us what you would say to emerging artists to encourage them to take their work on the road or join an ETT tour?

The most beautiful thing about touring, especially internationally, is realising that we all laugh and cry at the same things. 

Window or aisle seat?


Favourite way to travel?


If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

Flying. I think it would cure my fear of heights as I would never fall.

Our industry is currently experiencing an incredibly challenging time. Do you have any recommendations for others of how to stay hopeful and creative during this time? Please feel free to add links to any projects, groups or initiatives that you’re part of or that you’d like to highlight.

Read fiction, especially debut writers – that newness is inspiring. 



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