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Zoe Leonard

What shows or projects have you done with ETT? 

Reasons To Stay Alive 

Finish the sentence: Touring is important because… 

We reach a wider audience around the UK/World as, for whatever reason, people can’t travel to the show. So the show must travel to them

Where is home for you? 


Where is your home away from home? 

In a theatre 

How did you bring home with you on tour? 

Hot water bottle and Tupperware (for cooking) 

Which city was your favourite to visit on tour with ETT? 


What gem did you discover on tour with ETT (could be a landmark/park/cafe/pub etc)? 

Arcade Beers, Huddersfield and Yorkshire Sculpture Park 

What are your touring essentials? 

Dressing Gown 

What’s your go-to recipe whilst on tour? 

Broccoli, leek & Potato Soup 


What image or video inspires you? 

Starry Night, Van Gough. 

What piece of writing or quote inspires you? 

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 

What, for you, makes a good piece of art? 


What have been your career highlights so far? 

Reasons to Stay Alive, had the best time and ETT were an amazing company to work for (not just saying that because this is their artists page) 

Please can you tell us what you would say to emerging artists to encourage them to take their work on the road or join an ETT tour? 

ETT really look after you, always listening and helping out where they can. Forward thinking in the way they plan tours to help their company members and their ethos about taking their shows to people who can’t get to London or other ‘big’ cities is so important. 

Window or aisle seat? 


Favourite way to travel? 


If you could have any superpower, which would you choose? 


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