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We are committed to making our casting process as transparent and welcoming as possible.

When it comes to casting, we aim to:

  • Always let you know when we’re casting. We’ll publish breakdowns on this page for parts we’re casting and anyone can submit themselves for consideration. We work with freelance casting directors for each show who will be casting alongside these open submissions – sadly we can’t guarantee you an audition or a reply but all submissions will be read.
  • Always let you have the information you need ahead of an audition in good time. The Casting Directors we work with will aim to schedule auditions at least 24 hours in advance, and will let you know who you’ll be meeting, how the meeting will work and what we’d like you to prepare.
  • Auditions usually take place at our studios in London, though we are working with co- producers to also offer auditions in the cities the shows are opening in.
  • Always get back to you as soon as we can, regardless of the outcome of your audition.
  • Always welcome you to the building and ensure you know that this is a safe place to work.
  • Our dignity at work policy is available for anyone visiting the studios. If you’d like to find out who is casting our current work, please email

If you’d like to find out who is casting our current work, please email

On Tour

We understand that going on tour is a big commitment, so we work hard to make sure our teams who go out on the road are well supported throughout. A bit of info about the way we tour:

  • We usually do 7 performances per week, and our performance week tends to run Tuesday–Saturday (we usually don’t perform on Sundays or Mondays).
  • We cover the cost of travel from your home to and from the venues on tour, and we also provide you with a touring allowance (usually £255 per week) to cover accommodation and other living – away costs. Both of these payments vary depending on the distance you live from the venue.
  • The ETT Producer for the show visits the company on tour every Tuesday for the opening night at each venue.
  • Usually we will rehearse at the ETT studios in Waterloo (subject to availability).
  • Once you are cast, we will help you to find accommodation in each city on tour as soon as possible through a pre – approved and recommended Digs list.
  • We support the Parents and Carers in Performing Arts Campaign. If you are a parent, or have any caring responsibilities, we will support you in finding ways to make going on tour work for you.