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Behind The Curtains Podcast Announcement

We are thrilled to announceĀ our new podcast launching next Thursday, 22nd October! ‘Behind The Curtains‘ is co-produced by English Touring Theatre in partnership with writer, producer and theatremaker Siana Bangura & writer and theatre critic Christina Nicole.

Behind the Curtains – co-hosted by Siana & Christina – is a podcast spotlighting the off-stage, behind the curtains roles that are the backbone of theatre. How are writers, directors, sound designers, producers, production managers, movement directors and voice and dialect coaches weathering the storms of uncertainty? How did they get to where they are now? What pearls of wisdom do they have for their peers in the industry and those still looking to enter it? What’s race got to do with it? And how do we stay inspired and motivated through the thick and through the thin? Tune in for answers to all of these questions and more!

Listen Here

Episodes will be released fortnightly, available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Acast and anywhere else you get your podcasts!

Creative Team:
Siana Bangura: Co-producer & Co-host
Christina Nicole: Co-producer & Co-host
English Touring Theatre

Alison Holder: Technical Producer
Justine Luaba: Sound Design
Kemi Oloyede: Show Image Designer

Zodwa Nyoni, Corey Bovell, Madeleine Kludje, Tobi Kyeremateng. Ingrid Mackinnon, Shelley Maxwell, Alysha Laviniere, Munotida Chinyaga, Alison Holder, Hazel Holder, and Natalie Ibu.