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photo credit: Janko Ferlic

F**ked Up Bedtime Stories for Adults

We are proud to announce F**ked Up Bedtime Stories for Adults, an all-new audio project from ETT, coming out soon!

F**ked Up Bedtime Stories for Adults will feature seven short stories by seven brilliant writers: Tim Crouch, Anthony Neilson, Matilda Ibini, Dipo Baruwa-Etti, Amy Jephta, Alissa Anne Jeun Yi, and Vivienne Franzmann. Actors will read out the stories which will be released on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.

But what is F**ked Up Bedtime Stories for Adults? Well… ever since lockdown and still now, many of us have been having trouble sleeping and have been haunted by strange dreams in these strange times. So we wanted to explore the weird and wonderful world of dreamscapes and nightmares. We asked some of our favourite writers to take the familiar form of the bedtime story and update it for adults; warp it to fit these strange and disturbing times. These short pieces are ideally listened to just before you head to bed, and are coming at you straight out of uncanny valley.

Directed by Jennifer Bakst, with music and editing by Max Pappenheim. Casting to be announced soon!