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Dealing With Clair

By Martin Crimp

‘A resonant and powerful play ’ WhatsOnStage
‘A fiendishly clever play, excellently directed by Richard Twyman ’ The Guardian
‘Entirely modern… Chilling stuff ’ The Times
‘Chilling resonance... the corrupting business of buying a house, the greed, the gazumping, the turning of a home into an investment... Richard Twyman’s marvellous production.’ The Observer
‘...what’s particularly striking is the play’s enduring topicality...’ The Telegraph
‘The play is chilly and clever, perceptive about the hollow language of greed and suburban conformism. Evening Standard ’ Evening Standard

It is a stress, yes, to deal, undeniably, to deal  with people, yes, but That That That is what I enjoy. That is what I’m good at, ok? 

Clair works in real estate.
Mike and Liz are selling.
James wants to buy.
He’ll only deal with Clair. 

Selling houses. It’s not forever. Who knows what I’ll do? Maybe make a killing and just… disappear. That’s right. Vanish. 

“A skilfully written, well-crafted exposition of the horrors just beneath the civilized surface of our lives; it is at once a delicious satire on yuppie moral and emotional bankruptcy and a bleak, black comedy thriller” The Independent 

First seen thirty years ago at the Orange Tree Theatre, where several of Crimp’s early plays premiered, this major London revival is directed by Richard Twyman, Artistic Director of English Touring Theatre. 

An English Touring Theatre and Orange Tree Theatre co-production.


Orange Tree Theatre

26 Oct - 1 Dec 2018

Rehearsal Gallery

Creative Team


Martin Crimp


Richard Twyman


Fly Davis

Lighting Designer

Joshua Carr

Composer & Sound Designer

Alexandra Faye Braithwaite

Costume Supervisor

Lisa Aitken

Casting Director

Serena Hill



Roseanna Frascona


Lizzy Watts

Ashley / Vitto rio / Toby

Gabriel Akuwudike


Tom Mothersdale


Hara Yannis