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F**ked Up Bedtime Stories

Series Two

Writers in the second series of the podcast include Chris Bush, Kwame Owusu and Yasmin Joseph.

Strange stories for stranger times. With the contemporary world being the troubled, complicated, messy place it is – difficult enough for us to wrap our conscious minds around – we want to interrogate the ugly underbelly of what haunts our unconscious minds.

F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for Adults) consists of 7 stories from 7 writers, read by leading actors and put out as a podcast and listened to by audiences right before bedtime, all exorcising different and unique horrors from our world and from our lives.

Commissioned and Produced by ETT

Creative Team

Writer, Heathstead

Simon Stephens

Writer, The Factory

Kwame Owusu

Writer, The Giant

Chris Bush

Writer, Wank

Ella Hickson

Writer, The Wound

Yasmin Joseph

Writer, The Future Is In the Wastelands

Sonya Kelly

Writer, On A Distant Shore

Francis Turnly


Richard Twyman


Jennifer Bakst

Sound Design & Composition

Helen Skiera

Sound Design

Helen Atkinson

Sound Design



Actor, Heathstead

Stephen Mangan

Actor, The Factory

Jamael Westman

Actor, The Giant

Sophie Melville

Actor, Wank

Maxine Peake

Actor, The Wound

Tamara Lawrance

Actor, The Future Is In the Wastelands

Justine Mitchell

Actor, On A Distant Shore

David Harewood