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Hundreds and Thousands

By Lou Ramsden

‘What starts as a vision of childlike innocence steadily metastasises into a chilling parable of wilful self-delusion...’ Time Out

"I know Allan's a kind man. I know it cos he's been so kind to me. And now I just want to put my trust in him..."

Plagued by the deafening tick of her biological clock, Lorna pins all her hopes for true love on Allan. But she soon discovers that life in his isolated farmhouse raises disturbing questions, not happy endings…

As the horror of Allan’s world is exposed, will Lorna do what’s right or tun a blind eye to get what she wants?

Hundreds & Thousands is a dark and twisted tale about deciding what’s more important-doing what’s right, or what’s right for you.

Produced by ETT’s Producer Bursary recipient Claire Birch, Hundreds & Thousands is the next play from Lou Ramsden-an exceptional up-and-coming young writer.


Soho Theatre, London

21 Jun - 16 Jul 2011

Rehearsal Gallery

Creative Team


Lou Ramsden


Lisa Spirling


Polly Sullivan

Lighting Designer

Tim Mascall

Sound Designer

Gregory Clarke

Casting Director

Annelie Powell

Assistant Director

Tinuke Craig


Claire Birch


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Stuart Laing
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Sukie Smith
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Nadine Lewington
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Robert Wilfort