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The Master Builder

By Henrik Ibsen

‘It is the clarity of the piece, allowing its myriad of moral dilemmas to surface easily, which is its main strength.’ The Stage

A brilliant new translation by Kenneth McLeish.

Master Builder Solness is locked in a loveless marriage and is terrified that the young rising generation will come knocking at the door.  When the beautiful and mysterious Hilde Wangel comes to claim her kingdom, love and catastrophe loom.


Lyceum Theatre, Crewe

4 - 9 Oct 1999

Cambridge Arts Theatre

12 - 16 Oct 1999

Oxford Playhouse

19 - 23 Oct 1999

Buxton Opera House

2 - 6 Nov 1999

The Lighthouse, Poole

9 - 13 Nov 1999

Cambridge Arts Theatre

16 - 20 Nov 1999

Creative Team


Stephen Unwin

Associate Director

Erica Whyman


Pamela Howard

Lighting Designer

Ben Ormerod

Composer & Sound Designer

Corin Buckeridge


ETT placeholder

Doctor Herdal

Michael Cronin
ETT placeholder

Hilde Wangel

Emma Cuniffe
ETT placeholder

Kaja Fosli

Laura Howard
ETT placeholder

Aline Solness

Caroline John
ETT placeholder

Knut Brovik

Jonathan Newth
ETT placeholder

Ragnar Brovik

Paul Slack
ETT placeholder

Halvard Solness

Timothy West