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Through the Cracks: In Time

Time can be a mischievous thing. Past, present and future, always in dialogue with each other, shifting, always changing. Sometimes something as small as a dusty old locket can transport you to another place. Or, perhaps the cracks in the floorboards of your very own room...

Through the Cracks is drama like you’ve never experienced it before, through the lens of augmented reality.

Download the free app now and transport yourself to a world where reality meets fantasy, where cracks open up right beneath your feet, revealing glimpses of extraordinary stories playing out below.

In Time – is available now. A queer love story woven through the fabric of time travel.

Brought to you by English Touring Theatre and Office of Everyone.

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Creative Team


Richard Twyman


Jack Hardiker


Sonali Bhattacharyya


Jennifer Bakst

Senior Developer

Antek Jancelewicz

Set Designer

Shankho Chaudhuri

Lighting Designer

Jess Bernberg

Sound Designer

Helen Atkinson

Director of Photography & Camera Operator

Thierry Volant

Costume Designer

Megan Rarity

Production Manager

Tom Nickson

Wigs, Hair and Make-Up

Philipa Johnson

Sound Crew

Rosie Stroud

Sound Crew

Zoe Milton



Ian McKellen


Sophie Melville


Annabel Baldwin


Dorothea Meyer-Bennett