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By Bryony Lavery

‘In the lead, Kate Mulvany is outstanding as Rose, particularly steering the shifts in tone and perspective in the latter half of the play. Lavery's text memorably captures particulars and feelings, celebrating the marvel of the city in working harmony and describing both the catastrophe and the selfless human response when it is rent by violence... A play to remember’ The Australian
‘A touching, genuine and fascinating experience. Thursday is an absolute must see!’ Rip It Up

English Touring Theatre joins forces with Adelaide-based Brink Productions, makers of the multi-award-winning When the Rain Stops Falling, on a powerful new co-production.

Taking reference from the remarkable story of Adelaide woman Gill Hicks, who lost her legs in the London 2005 bombings, Thursday layers dreams with reality, compassion with devastation and identity with loss, to build a deeply woven picture of humanity. A world premiere production from the pen of award-winning playwright Bryony Lavery.




Adelaide Festival

25 Feb - 16 Mar 2013

Canberra Theatre Centre

20 - 23 Mar 2013

Rehearsal Gallery

Creative Team


Bryony Lavery


Chris Drummond


Dan Potra

Lighting Designer

Colin Grenfell

Composer & Musician

Quentin Grant


ETT placeholder Paul Blackwell
ETT placeholder Emma Handy
ETT placeholder Martin Hutson
ETT placeholder Lena Kaur
Tom Mothersdale
ETT placeholder Kate Mulvany
ETT placeholder Nathan O’Keefe
ETT placeholder Deidre Rubenstein
ETT placeholder Rochenda Sandall