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Podcast 51mins

Behind the Curtains: Episode 6

Siana & Christina chat to Natalie Ibu

Behind the Curtains is a podcast spotlighting the off-stage, behind the curtains roles that are the backbone of theatre. How are writers, directors, sound designers, producers, production managers, movement directors and voice and dialect coaches weathering the storms of uncertainty? How did they get to where they are now? What pearls of wisdom do they have for their peers in the industry and those still looking to enter it? What’s race got to do with it? And how do we stay inspired and motivated through the thick and through the thin?

In the final episode of the series, hosts Siana & Christina chat to Artistic Director Natalie Ibu. From a young age, Natalie was crystal clear in her mind that she wanted to be an Artistic Director of a building one day. What ignites such a thought in a person as a teenager? What steps does one take in their career path to get there? And what lessons has she learnt along the way, particularly about mental health, wellbeing, and confidently taking up space? We guarantee you do not want to miss this conversation.

Special shout out to Natalie’s dog, Obi Puff Puff Ibu!

Episodes released fortnightly. Natalie Ibue (@nmhibushootshere / @nmhibuishere)


Natalie Ibue (@nmhibushootshere / @nmhibuishere)

Hosts & Producers:

Siana Bangura (@Sianaarrgh)

Christina Nicole (@Chrisynicole)

English Touring Theatre (@EnglishTouringTheatre / @ETTtweet )