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F**ked Up Bedtime Stories (for adults) Series 2 Episode 6: The Future is in the Wastelands by Sonya Kelly

by Sonya Kelly

Read by Justine Mitchell

Directed by Richard Twyman, with sound design by Xana.

The theme tune was composed by Max Pappenheim.


Out beyond the neon fringes of the city, lay the forsaken wasteland of Bennett’s docks, where the warehouses of the manufacturing era lay in empty ruins. Once a thriving industrial hub, it now formed a foreboding no man’s land…

Tim’s life is not going according to plan. Tim wanted to be an architect. Tim wanted to be successful. Tim didn’t want to be an insignificant accounting cog in a faceless corporate machine, didn’t want his marriage to fail spectacularly – and yet here he is. But that’s not going to stop Tim. Tim is going to make some big changes. Tim is going to buy the abandoned docks on the edge of the city and transform them into something bigger, better. Tim is definitely in over his head.