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THAT PODCAST… Episode 5 Part 2

5.2 – THAT PODCAST with TERRY GILLIAM… in which the truth is out there – PART TWO

THAT PODCAST… in which the truth is out there, we jump down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, let A.I. run our lives for a while, and wonder if democracy stands a chance – PART TWO
In Part 2, host Terry Gilliam discussed A.I. with Dr Cathy O’Neil and democracy with Open Democracy’s Mary Fitzgerald. This part also features original work by writer-performer Christopher Brett Bailey and playwright Stef Smith.Content Warnings – graphic depictions of animal cruelty and self-harm.

Episode 5, Part 2 credits:

Host – Terry GilliamGuest – Dr Cathy O’NeilGuest – Mary Fitzgerald

Commissioned pieces:

I Saw Satan At The 7/11 by Christopher Brett Bailey

Writer-Performer – Christopher Brett Bailey

Director – Richard Twyman

Sound Designer – Mike Winship

The Truth Fairy by Stef Smith

Mya – Jessica Fostekew

Theo – Hana Doe

Director – Debbie Hannan

Sound Designer – Mike Winship

Writer – Stef Smith

Host script – Jennifer Bakst and Terry Gilliam

Interview sound recording – James Hingley

Interview editor – Martha Littlehailes

Testimonials Research – Aina J. Khan and Ruth McKee

Music – BMG Production Music

Production Co-ordinator – Madeleine Sharma

Assistant Producer – Ben Quashie

Producers – Andrew Hughes and Sarah Jane Murray

Series Producer – Ben Walker

Commissioning Editor – Jennifer Bakst

Consultant Producer – Holly Gilliam

Executive Producers – Robert Delamere and Richard Twyman

THAT PODCAST is a Storyglass and ETT co-production