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THAT PODCAST… Episode 5 Part 1

5.1 – THAT PODCAST with TERRY GILLIAM… in which the truth is out there – PART ONE

THAT PODCAST… in which the truth is out there, we jump down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, let A.I. run our lives for a while, and wonder if democracy stands a chance – PART ONEFrom one epic twist to the next, from cliff-hanger to nail-biter, the last year has tested anyone’s suspension of disbelief in reality. Perhaps it is not surprising then that there has been a huge surge in the amount of people promoting and subscribing to conspiracy theories. Acclaimed director Terry Gilliam goes down the rabbit hole to sort the fact from the fiction.In part 1, he is joined by co-host Mark Kermode, to delve into the prophetic film Twelve Monkeys. We hear original commissions from playwrights Kimber Lee and Gary Owen, as well as an interview with Professor Stephan Lewandowsky.


Episode 5, Part 1 credits:

Host – Terry Gilliam

Guest – Mark Kermode

Guest – Professor Stephan Lewandowsky

Commissioned pieces:

Breadcrumbs by Kimber Lee

Hansel – Jack Rowan

Gretel – Sorcha Groundsell

The Woman – Lizzy Watts

Director – Robert Delamere

Sound Designer – Ben Walker

Writer – Kimber Lee

Parallel Play by Gary Owen

Nic – Mali Harries

Alex – Siôn Daniel Young

Director – Richard Twyman

Sound Designer – Mike Winship

Writer – Gary Owen

Host script – Jennifer Bakst and Terry Gilliam

Interview sound recording – James Hingley

Interview editor – Martha Littlehailes

Testimonials Research – Aina J. Khan and Ruth McKee

Music – BMG Production Music

Production Co-ordinator – Madeleine Sharma

Assistant Producer – Ben Quashie

Producers – Andrew Hughes and Sarah Jane Murray

Series Producer – Ben Walker

Commissioning Editor – Jennifer Bakst

Consultant Producer – Holly Gilliam

Executive Producers – Robert Delamere and Richard Twyman

THAT PODCAST is a Storyglass and ETT co-production

Clips from ’12 Monkeys’, directed by Terry Gilliam and produced by Universal Pictures, Atlas Entertainment, Classico and Twelve Monkeys Productions